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Does your company have a plan for retaining customers?

Monday, July 20th, 2009

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Stick with me!

Creating customer loyalty

What does it take to create customer loyalty, the kind of loyalty that makes customers stick with you, even when their favorite sales representative, hair stylist or financial advisor moves on? Even when your prices change? Or when the extra 10 miles between your store and someone else’s means they spend an extra half-gallon of gas to reach you? Here are some tips from the experts. (more…)

Developing a Critical 1:1 Eye

Friday, July 17th, 2009

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Often, we look at 1:1 printing case studies with an eye to learn from what others have done right. But have you thought about looking at case studies with an eye for what they could have done better? Think of it as a chance to hone your skills of analysis and improve your own 1:1 programs at the same time.

What would you do with $5 million?

Friday, July 17th, 2009

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Target your marketing plan for higher response rates

If someone gave you $5 million to put toward your marketing budget, what would you do with it? This was the question put to three of today’s top brand marketers in a webcast sponsored by Peppers & Rogers called “1to1@work.” The question was asked of executives at American Association of Retired Persons, British Airways and Saturn.

Their response?

They would use the money to…

  • Develop the brand
  • Develop a program to talk to their top customers (those who purchase more
    frequently and spend the most when they do)
  • Develop the database infrastructure to increase customer engagement.
  • Get customers involved with the brand so, as marketers,
    they can talk to them, learn about them and communicate with them
  • Learn more about customers and prospects to give themselves a competitive advantage


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